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Factors that can affect the cost of color copies

Factors that can affect the cost of color copies

color copies

Using color copies for your promotional materials can be a rather expensive alternative especially when the job is done without a detailed plan and much preparation. It is important to remember that the printing process alone can affect the cost of color copies and it can either work to your advantage or otherwise. Every step of the way from the planning, the creation of your draft copy up to the printing process, the amount you spend should be kept in mind. Before proceeding with the printing process, every specification and detail should be made clear and easily understood to avoid errors and wastage. It will not do much good for any business if thousands of dollars are spent on a job that is done in haste and gets poor results in the long run.

Before initiating on any task that has to do with your promotional materials, it is important to remember the number of factors that can affect the cost

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of color copies.

If you are ordering your color copies from a printing service provider make sure that you make your descriptions clear regarding the purpose for which your promotional material is intended. Cost of color copies will differ from one type of promotional material to another. Are you ordering brochures, or flyers or invitations? If the description is specified clearly no error as to the specific type of copy will be made and no amount of money is wasted. You may also want to ask for quotes beforehand so you know instantly how much cost of color copies will be incurred.

Cost of color copies will either increase or decrease depending on the quantity of your order. Although it may cost you more when you order in large quantities, it will save you more in the future. Ordering more than what you really need at the moment will actually save you some amount as compared to ordering some more for reprints. It is important to note also that price per piece becomes lower when you order in large quantities.

Clearly specify the number of colors that you want to use on your color copies. You may opt for two colors or four colors. Either way, you must first make wise comparisons between these two. Also, you may have preferences about coatings and extra shine for your copies. Any type of coating for your promotional materials, if you want them done this way, will also have an effect on the cost of color copies.

The number of pages must be clearly indicated too. Sometimes when there are volumes of information included in your brochures or flyers, add to it the numerous images spread all throughout your piece, the printing service provider may make adjustments just to cover everything that you have put in. Being clear about the number of pages will get the job done properly and the total cost of color copies that you have initially agreed upon will not be affected in any way.

The type of paper that will be used for your promotional materials will have to be clearly specified too. If the printing service provider erroneously uses the more expensive type of paper because you were not clear with your specifications, you will be throwing away a substantial amount simply because of miscommunication. The cost of color copies will differ from each type of paper. Specifications as to size, color, weight and choosing between glossy paper and regular ones will have to be clearly defined.

The type of printing, like digital printing, will also affect the cost of color copies. Identify which ones will give you good quality results and print outs. Compare costs first before deciding and plunging in. Measure your financial capacity as well as results before making your final decision.

Most printing service providers will be more than willing to create a sample copy for you. This will allow you to assess if every specification you have indicated is followed down to the last detail. If adjustments need to be made then this is the right time to mention it. It is utterly wrong to wait for such time when all your copies have already been printed before you scan for mistakes and erroneous printing. That is such a waste of precious time and, of course, money.

Finally, delivery rates may differ too. Rush printing is always more expensive because some printing service providers charge additional rates for this. Make sure that you have included in your plan the duration of time that will allow you to make the right scheduling with the printing company.
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