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2 Part Forms

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2 Part Forms

2 part forms are when you get a copy of your printed paper without using a photocopier. This decreases the copy price and saves you time. The carbonless paper has a special finish that allows it to be duplicated. The main use of the 2 part form technique is for invoices. Although carbonless forms, or NCR as they are usually termed, can be done in 15 page documents they are usually in 3 or 5 parts.


In the old days 2 part forms used to be done with carbon paper but now carbonless paper is used. There is a white sheet that has dye on the back. Next there is a yellow sheet which has a clay substance on the front that will react with the dye and allow a permanent mark to be made. When the top sheet is written on the pressure of the writing tool will break the die and allow the clay to absorb it. Thus duplicating whatever is written.

In a 3 part form there is a pink sheet below the

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yellow one. It works the same way. On the back of the yellow copy there is some dye. Finally there is the pink copy that has clay on the front but nothing on the back and works the same as the yellow copy. 4 part forms have golden rod yellow sheet. 5 part forms will have additional green or blue sheets.

The main reason for using these 2 part forms is so that you do not have to use a photocopier to copy the original. This means that you will save time and money to get a cheap copy price. This is also more convenient to the customer as they will just take one sheet of the duplicated copy and there is no waiting. The merchant will save money as he does not have to photocopy the original.

The most common use for 2 part forms is for receipts. This technique means that the customer can keep one copy and the merchant can keep the other sheet. They can also be used for invoices with one sheet being retained by the merchant. Landlords can give receipts for apartment rentals and car rental businesses also use NCR forms. Cash registers use rolls of NCR paper, so that they can keep a record of sales and how much tax has been paid.

You can buy sets or these forms at your local stationary store. However if you want to save money you can buy them in bulk online. There are often sales and discounts on these forms online. You can often get free shipping if your order totals a certain amount. It is wise to also take advantage of sale prices at your local store.

As you can see there are many advantages in using 2 part forms and they will definitely lower your copy price. It is a fast convenient way to get duplicates done and will save your money and time. The customer gets their receipt fast so that they are also happy. of

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