Brochure Layout

Flyer Size: Importance of Content

There are several components which you need to remember if you want to make impressive brochure. It should persuade, engage, motivate and convince the reader. There must be an ability to convert the thought into action. A good brochure must create inquisitiveness among your readers. It will entice your customers to learn more about your product or service. In the marketing language, ‘It must call for an action.’ Here are some of the essential components for making impressive brochures.


The content plays the most important role in creating a good brochure. A very common mistake which businesses commit is flooding the brochure with too much information. Too much of text can disinterest your reader. The content must be crisp and to the point. It must be powerful, appealing and attractive but not loud. Overloading the customers with too much information will kill their eagerness.


In fact, it’s better to have some surprises in the text. Do not reveal everything like an open book. Too much text, too many images or too many colors will work in the wrong way. So, you need to leave some room for exploring while creating your brochure. This is the first rule while creating a brochure.



The colorful and the bright brochures can catch the attention. Do not assume that the colorful brochures can catch the eye of the customers. Even the design which is not loud will grab the attention. The brochure must be unusual and can entice interest.



The message can be conveyed in the most effective manner. By using some exaggerating facts, there are some biggest blunders while creating a brochure. The message must be to the point and it must highlight certain verifiable facts. The message must set the right tone. Whether it’s a hard-core sales pitch or the teaser advertisement, the objective needs to be communicated clearly. It must not cause the ambiguity especially in the minds of the readers. The reader must understand the key message without any efforts.


Target Audience

It’s very important to identify your target audience while designing the brochure. The designing team must know who your target audience is. Will your brochure target a niche market or the masses? This aspect needs to be discussed with the design team. These components can never be ignored while creating the brochure. Remember that the brochure is not only an advertising tool; it’s the face of the company.


Thus, brochures are great promotional tool, whether it’s for a real estate listing, a data sheet or a trade show handout. The eye-catching and professional brochures are usually those which are full color. Full-color brochure printing means the standard four-color printing which is now offered at most of the brochure printing company. The brochure printing companies will also provide you with a clear explanation of the four-color process. High-quality, full-color commercial printing is mainly done on the offset presses by using four-color printing process.


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